Glass Painting

glass painted glasses

Glass is a fantastic material to work with in any way shape or form: it reflects and refracts light so tends to look very attractive without much help from us!

Glass painting is the simplest way to work with glass as it doesn't involve melting, blowing, cutting or fusing, it is therefore quick to learn and doesn't need specialist equipment. On our glass painting sessions we use spirit based paints and outliners that air-dry (no oven or kiln needed), so your finished pieces can be ready to take home within a couple of hours — or water-based paints that need baking in a domestic oven.

country scene glass painted on a glass

We provide you with a choice of glass items such as tea-light holders, sun-catchers, glasses etc. You might also want to make a few stained-glass effect cards and pictures. With our eco-friendly policy we use some recycled items such as glasses from charity shops and attractively shaped glass jars or bottles.
We have a large selection of paint colours and outliners, and show you a range of styles and techniques. We also have many books and directories of styles and motifs to inspire you.

frosty looking glass

You will learn a number of glass painting methods including sponging, adding embellishments and mixing colours as well as the best techniques for brush painting, painting on awkward shapes and using outliners.

A half day workshop will set you up with all the knowledge and skills to continue this versatile craft when you return home.

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